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For postmenopausal women with HR+ breast cancer
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The Benefits of ARIMIDEX Patient Direct:
$2 A Day
  • Automatic Refills Delivered to Your Door
  • Refill Reminders
  • Free Shipping
  • Pharmacist Support

Take Control With ARIMIDEX Patient Direct

If you and your doctor determine ARIMIDEX is right for you, all you need to enroll in the ARIMIDEX Patient Direct program – including if you are a Medicaid or Medicare Part D recipient* – is a valid prescription for ARIMIDEX or generic anastrozole. Through ARIMIDEX Patient Direct, ARIMIDEX tablets are available for $60 (30-day supply) or $180 (90-day supply) – only $2 a day. You’ll also enjoy free home delivery, automatic refills, refill reminders, and the opportunity to check in with a pharmacist if needed.

Benefits of ARIMIDEX Patient Direct:

  • Brand name ARIMIDEX
  • Just $2 a day
  • Free Shipping
  • Auto-Refills
  • Refill Reminders
  • Pharmacist Support

Enrollment in ARIMIDEX Patient Direct is easy. Simply complete the online form and send your prescription to Eagle Pharmacy. Once you’ve enrolled in the program and sent your prescription to Eagle Pharmacy, you will receive your order in 7-10 days.

*Coverage for Medicaid and Medicare

This offer is valid for prescriptions purchased under Medicaid and similar state or federally funded medical assistance programs. Medicare Part D prescription orders will be processed without the use of insurance and cannot be applied to true out-of-pocket (TrOOP) costs. Prescription required.

Still have questions?

Find answers on our ARIMIDEX Patient Direct FAQ page

Terms and Conditions

Patients must have a valid prescription for ARIMIDEX® (anastrozole) tablets.

By enrolling, the patient elects to receive the branded product and acknowledges that no generic substitution will be offered (if applicable). Should the patient wish to receive a generic product in the future, the patient will need to call 1-855-250-2483 to opt out of this program.

ARIMIDEX: Patients will pay cash price of $60 for 30-day supply (30 tablets) or $180 for 90-day supply (90 tablets) of ARIMIDEX. All orders are processed without the use of insurance and cannot be applied to deductibles. Taxes may apply.

ANI Pharmaceuticals, Inc. retains the right to rescind, revoke, or amend this offer at any time without notice.