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For postmenopausal women with HR+ breast cancer
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The Benefits of ARIMIDEX Patient Direct:
$2 A Day
  • Automatic Refills Delivered to Your Door
  • Refill Reminders
  • Free Shipping
  • Pharmacist Support

FAQs About ARIMIDEX Patient Direct

Here’s a list of answers to the most frequently asked questions about ARIMIDEX Patient Direct.

Enrollment is easy. All you need is a valid prescription for ARIMIDEX and to complete the online enrollment process. During enrollment, you’ll be directed to send your prescription to ARIMIDEX Patient Direct. (The mailing address will be provided.) Or you can ask your physician to send your prescription via e-prescribe or by fax to:
Eagle Pharmacy located at:
350 Eagles Landing Drive
Lakeland, FL 33810
Phone: 855-250-2483
Fax: 866-220-9492

Patients with a prescription for brand-name ARIMIDEX or generic anastrozole are eligible for ARIMIDEX Patient Direct – whether you are new to treatment or currently taking generic anastrozole.

Your prescription of ARIMIDEX will be filled by Eagle Pharmacy, a trusted partner of ARIMIDEX Patient Direct, and shipped directly to your home within 7-10 business days. There is no cost for shipping. However, taxes may apply.

The price for ARIMIDEX is $60 for 30 tablets or $180 for 90 tablets. Just $2 a day.

If you have Medicare Part D insurance coverage, you will pay $60 for 30 tablets or $180 for 90 tablets. Note: Medicare Part D prescription orders will be processed without the use of insurance and cannot be applied to true out-of-pocket (TrOOP) costs.

This offer is valid for prescriptions purchased under Medicaid and similar state or federally funded medical assistance programs.

To check the status of an existing order, please call us at 855-250-2483 to speak to a customer service representative.

To order a prescription refill, please call us at 855-250-2483 to speak to a customer service representative. Or, sign in to order online.

Yes, if you have a valid 90-day prescription, you may request to receive a 3-month supply of ARIMIDEX. During enrollment, select the 90-day option. The cost will be 3 times the cost of a 30-day supply, $180 for 90 tablets.

Call 855-250-2483 to contact ARIMIDEX Patient Direct Customer Service.

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